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Chichen Itza Tour from Tulum

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Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

If you are quoting on other websites, make sure the price includes entry and taxes to Chichén Itzá (Check for hidden fees). WE DO INCLUDE ENTRANCE FEES AND TAXES

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"Here we offer quality at a good price"

Chichen Itza Tour from Tulum

Chichen Itza Tours from TulumBooking your excursion to Chichen Itza from Tulum with us would be one of the best decisions you make, because you would get many benefits, for a very reasonable price. Lunch is included at a cozy regional restaurant with all the appropriate facilities, with a buffet lunch with different options for all tastes.

Meeting Place

In the specific case of Tulum, pick-up is usually in the morning, outside main entrance Super AKI check this link due to logistics issues it’s really complicated for us to have access to the hotel zone of Tulum- However, you can send a message by WhatsApp, if you are with a group we can make exceptions. It's an all-day excursion, but don't worry because you'll be busy the whole day with fun activities.

Here is short a video, so you can have a better idea

It is important that when you finish watching the video, comeback here to check the details of the excursion

You can pay the day of the excursion

NO RISK for you, we rely on your honesty
Restrictions apply Click here for more information


The bus is comfortable, clean and has good air conditioning. Our guides will be with you throughout the bus ride from Tulum to answer any questions that you may have. They have a wide knowledge of the Mayan civilization and you could say that they are passionate about their work. Many of our guides have been in business for over 10 years, so they have a lot of experience, which is why you'll be in good hands.

Buffet Lunch

In the price of the Chichen Itza tour from Tulum we have included a typical meal, we'll visit a nice restaurant where we can taste regional food from this area of Mexico, we have several options such as pork, chicken, fish, fruit, salads, desserts, etc. Note: Drinks are not included

This will help us prepare for the main event that is Chichen Itza.

Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price


Our guides will have all your tickets ready to pass through the doors of the main entrance as soon as possible.

At this point our guide will take control of the group to walk around the site and tell us all about it. They are passionate about the Mayan Civilization and have a wide knowledge about it, so you will inevitably feel all of their enthusiasm and interest towards it.

Chichen Itza

This is Living History, the pyramid is beautiful and worth seeing, for many people this is a dream come true. You never imagined a pyramid so big and beautiful.

Your jaw will drop once you are walking towards the main pyramid. It's a huge and impressive piece of ancient architecture

Chichen Itza Tours from TulumIt's hard to explain how awesome this place is. The historical significance of Chichen Itza combined with the beauty of the place is something that should absolutely not be missed. Unbelievable! The level of sophistication and the techniques used in the construction of this impressive temple complex are amazing even by today's standards. This should be a "must visit"


We visit a spectacular cenote approximately two hours from Tulum, where we will have the chance to swim, and enjoy the shining water and the light that passes through the ceiling. The water is a little cold but bearable, after a while you get used to it. It's a must visit, don't miss the opportunity to visit this refreshing place. We are approximately 1 hour from this place, which by the way is included in the price, as well as all the facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers etc. (lockers have an extra cost)

Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price


The last stop would be the colonial city of Valladolid, built by the Spaniards in the 1500s as a replica of his own city by the same name. It's a peculiar place, with a beautiful park, an old church and many Mayans playing around the church, that is a sight to see.

Wow, what a place Chichen Itza is. It's awesome, and if you add that our tour guide is well informed, it makes for an excellent combination. Our guides are responsible for explaining much of the Mayans history, their way of life and social structure, among other interesting facts.

This trip is incredibly educational and fun at the same time, it's truly a wonder of the world, and with our excursion to Chichen Itza from Tulum you'll have the chance to take one of the best photos of your vacation in the great pyramid of Kukulcan.

The sights are breathtaking and just by seeing them live you can discover how amazing and magical this place is


If you are interested in visiting Chichen Itza, I recommend you read all the possible suggestions. Well, let me tell you that our blog dedicated to Chichen has all that and more, because it's been designed to offer you advice and recommendations from local people of the area, they have advised each and every one of the articles published on the blog, and something important to keep in mind is that we don't hold anything back, and we answer questions like:

In addition to these other questions

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Other Excursions

If for any reason you arrived here but you're not staying in Tulum, don't worry, here are our other options, if you have any questions email us, we're here for you

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We guarantee the best price, the reason is simple: we are the direct providers of the excursion

Let me put it simply, we are the direct providers of the excursion to Chichen Itza, which gives us the confidence to guarantee the lowest price of the market, but wait, what about the quality of the excursion?

Without a doubt, we maintain our high standards and we try to keep a perfect balance between quality and price. By booking with us you are eliminating all intermediaries, who only want to earn a commission for the sale of the excursions.

Check our guarantee. If you find an excursion with the same characteristics as ours but cheaper, we will match the price. Guaranteed!

You just have to meet these conditions

  • It has to be the same excursion
  • In equal conditions
  • In the same currency
  • Price differences greater than $5 USD
  • Price without taxes
  • In the same holiday period

If you are part of a group vacationing in the Mayan Riviera, we have special prices for you, whether we give you a discount from the total price or make your excursion completely private to give you more control of the times and places to visit.


$1200 MXN

  • Kids Price $1100 MXN
  • Special prices for latins
  • Hablamos español / castellano
  • Excelente servicio


$70 USD

  • Kids Price $65 USD
  • BEST price on the market
  • Warranty against bad weather
  • Promotions for groups



  • Kids Price $60 EUROS
  • French guides
  • German guides
  • European Standards
  • We speak your language

Place of Meeting

Designated Place of Meeting

In the specific case of Tulum, we only have a Pick-up service in a central area. As of today, the designated meeting place is in the opposite corner of the Super AKI.

The reason is very simple: due to logistics and scheduling, it's really complicated for us to have a pick up service in the hotel zone of Tulum. This would delay our excursion and would be an inconvenience for people coming from Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

However, there are exceptions such as if you are part of a group or if you're staying in a hotel that is in the area. So don't be afraid to ask, email us, I'm sure we'll find a way to solve this small inconvenience.

  • The Pick-up is at the Super AKI
  • If you have any questions regarding the location of your hotel, don't worry, call us and we'll help you.


Please read carefully what is included to avoid misunderstandings

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we try to be as specific as possible when it comes to explaining our tours. Mostly, we include the basic things you need to fully enjoy this activity, like round transportation, access to the archaeological zone, certified tour guide, buffet lunch, access to a beautiful cenote. Although some things are included, it is possible that you will see that some things are not included, and this is why we recommend to always carry cash just in case you need it.

  • Round Transportation with air conditioning
  • Professional drivers
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Access to the Cenote (lifejackets not included)
  • Free time in the Cenote (Swimming)
  • Access & Taxes to Chichen Itza
  • Free time in Chichen Itza (Photos)
  • Certified guide in Chichen Itza
  • Early departures to see as much as possible
  • Visit to the colonial city of Valladolid

Not Included

Some things aren't included, we kindly ask that you read this list

Just like in any other part of the world, it's very likely that street vendors will try to sell you their products, and while this is a personal choice that you make based on your taste and budget, you are under no obligation to buy anything from them. Most of the things you need for this excursion are included. This is a list of the most common things that are not included, however, this list is not intended to be a complete description of all the things that are not included. It varies from person to person. If you have questions just follow this simple tip: if you can't find it in the 'Included' tab, then it is NOT INCLUDED. If you have any questions, email us, we can assist or give you some advice.

  • Drinks at the buffet lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Umbrellas
  • Lifejackets and Lockers at the Cenote
  • Water or drinks on the bus
  • There is an extra fee at Chichen if you take a very sophisticated camera or tripod, etc
  • Souvenirs
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • It's simple: if you can't find it in the 'Included' tab, then it is not included.

What To Bring

Recommendations on what to bring

There are certain things you need to bring with you to be more comfortable during the excursion. The heat in Chichen Itza is intense in certain months of the year, and because of this it is very important to bring as much sunscreen as possible, whether it is sunblock, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc.

However, each person has different needs. If you have any medical condition that requires a special diet or medicine, it is the client's responsibility to bring whatever they may need in order to properly enjoy the excursion.

This is a list of what we believe are the most common things to bring to an excursion. Once again, this is not intended to be a complete list of all the things that you need to bring. Some other things are common sense, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate contacting us, we are here to help you.

  • 100% charged phone
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Towels
  • Swimsuit and a change of dry clothes
  • Comfortable clothing, we do not recommend dark colors
  • Comfortable footwear (sandals, sneakers)
  • Hats, caps, umbrellas (the bigger better)
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Food or Snacks for the road
  • Blanket to cover if you get cold on the bus
  • Neck pillow
  • Book, notebook or games to pass the time on the bus
  • Small backpack
  • Patience and a good attitude

Payment methods

All payment options are available

We basically have all possible payment options. With many of them, like PayPal, you have to pay in advance. If there are last minute reservations, the most suitable option is to pay in cash at the moment of pick up.

  • Bank deposit (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfer (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Payment with Credit Card (There is a charge of 4-5% if you use this payment method)
  • PayPal (At least 2 days in advance)
  • You can also pay in cash at the moment of pick up, if you feel apprehensive. You can pay in cash once you see the transportation and the guide, and confirm that this is real (Cash only) ***Restrictions Apply***

1. Is the meeting place in my hotel lobby in Tulum?

Unfortunately if you are in the Tulum area, we do not have a pickup at any hotel.

The reason is that it takes too much time to do pickups when coming from Playa del Carmen, so we only have pickup outside main entrance of the super AKI check this link.

2.- I am with my family in Tulum where can I meet you?

Outside main entrance of the Super AKI, there we meet all of the reservations in the Tulum area, send us an email so that we can tell you the exact pickup time.

3.- I want to leave at a certain time, is that possible?

No, it is a group / shared excursion and we already have commitments with other people and sales agents. There is only one pickup time but, I can offer you a Chichen Itza Private Tour, at a different price.

4.- At approximately what time is the pickup?

Approximately at 09:40 am, but the schedule may change depending on the volume of reservations, please send us an email so we can give you the updated time.

5.- What is the mode of transportation?

Almost always in buses, but it can be in vans. It all depends on the availability of transport that we have for that specific day.

6.- Do you have a certain uniform?

Yes, everything is explained in the confirmation receipt.

7.- How can you guarantee that you will pick me up?

Do not pay anything until you get on the transportation ***restrictions apply***, this will reassure you that we will pick you up.

8.- I'm finishing breakfast and running a little late, can you wait for me?

Usually we only have a 5 minute wait, keep in mind that it is a group / shared excursion and there are other people waiting, we recommend that you be punctual to avoid missing the excursion.

9.- I am at the meeting place but I do not see the transportation, what should I do?

Dial immediately to (+52) 987 112 9491, they will inform you if there is any delay

1.- I didn't have the opportunity to print my confirmation, what can I do?

Not to worry, you can show it from your cell phone.

2.- I didn't print my receipt. Can I show it from my phone?

Yes, without any problem

3.- What should I wear?

Light and comfortable clothing, and the more sun protection you can bring the better. All that is specified in the section of what to bring.

4.- Are there lockers available?

No, we do not have this service, you can rent one in the cenote or leave things on the bus

5.- When are there less people at Chichen Itza?

Weekdays, Sundays are the most popular days.

6.- I have a baby. Can I bring their food?

Yes, without any problem

1.- What is included with my reservation for the Chichen Itza tour from Tulum?

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Entrance fee into Chichen Itza
  • Certified guide who is an expert in Mayan civilization
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (lifejackets not included)
  • Lunch buffet (drinks not included)
  • Visit to magical town of Valladolid

2.- What is included at the cenote?

Entrance only, life jackets and lockers are not included

3.- Are drinks included in this excursion?

No, there are no drinks included in any part of the excursion, we have an option called Chichen Deluxe Tour that does, however, clients can bring their own bottles of water without any problem.

Important: At the restaurant you cannot bring in any beverages

4.- Why is the tour so long?

Due to the distances and places that are visited, there are shorter options such as Chichen Express but only on certain days of the week and at a different price. Please send us an email to see which option best suits your expectations.

1.- I don't have enough cash, can I pay by credit card?

Yes, but only Visa and MasterCard. American Express is not accepted and there is a 4-5% increase for administrative expenses that has to be added to the total cost of the excursion

2.- I would like to pay for everything at the time of pickup, is that possible?

Yes, we only recommend that you pay in cash, although if necessary you can pay by credit card.

3.- How much is the excursion for adults?

$70 USD per adult, remember that prices may change without prior notice please send us an email for the updated prices.

4.- How much is the excursion for children?

$65 USD for each child, remember that prices may change without prior notice please send us an email for the updated prices.

5.- We are locals, retired adults, or travel agents, are there any promotions for us?

  • For locals it is important that you present your INE to prove you live in Quintana Roo
  • For retired adults you must show your INAPAM card
  • Travel agents must show their IATA card

All will be given children prices

6.- What promotions do you have available?

The promotions are constantly changing and depending on the holiday season, they apply to groups of 7 people or more. Send us an email for more information.

1.- Can I bring my baby?

It is not an excursion designed for children, but if you must bring them, we have no problem.

2.- My mom would like to go but she is in a wheelchair, can she still go?

It is a bit more complicated, but you can, just take into account that there are roots, and slopes in Chichen Itza, the area is not designed for wheelchairs.

Send us an email to see how we can help you

3.- I want to go into the cenote, but I don’t know how to swim, what do you recommend?

I recommend that you rent a life jacket to make yourself more comfortable, and secure (renting a lifejacket is mandatory)

1.- I want to reserve, What can I do?

Send a message by WhatsApp to make it official then we'll send you details on how to make the reservation.

2.- Will you give me a receipt for my reservation?

Yes, you will be sent a receipt with all of the necessary information for the excursion.

3.- What hours are customer service agents available?

  • Monday to Friday 7:00am-10:00pm local time
  • Saturday and Sunday 7:00am – 8:00pm local time

4.- How much time in advance should I make my reservation?

It is advisable to make the reservation within 1 month, although you can book up to one night before, only before 09:00 pm.

5.- Can I buy a ticket for my brother?

Yes, without any problem, it is something very common

6.- Can I change the date of my reservation?

Yes, it is very common, contact us we are here to help you. The sooner the better to make the necessary adjustment.

7.- I do not feel good and need to cancel, what should I do?

Let us know as soon as possible, there is no problem, we understand and are sensitive when this happens.

8.- If I cancel, is there any penalty?

If it is a normal reservation there is no problem.

8.- If I cancel is there any penalty?

If it is a normal reservation there is no problem.

If it is a private reservation, the following terms apply

  • 100% refunds with 24 hour advance notice
  • No show, no refund

9.- It's raining really hard, can I cancel or change my reservation?

Yes, just let us know as soon as possible, and don't get on the shuttle.

10.- How much time in advance can I make my reservation?

Until one night before, we close reservations at 09:00 pm, local time.


Each of the stops in our excursion, explained in detail

Please note: We reserve the right to modify the itinerary of the excursion if we consider it will enhance the experience for the majority of our customers. i.e. let's say it's high season and Chichen is crowded. We may go first to the Cenote, then lunch and, finally,visit the archaeological site. You will spend the same hours at the same places, only backwards. This is to avoid the crowds that gather at Chichen Itza, trust me, you'll have a great time.

Please note: There are unforeseen circumstances, like heavy rains, bus malfunctions, etc., that could prevent us from meeting the schedule, but this doesn't mean that we are not carrying out the excursion as promised. We need to make adjustments to have as many satisfied customers as possible. This information is for illustrative purposes only, however, we will do all we can to be on schedule.

Ever since we came up with the idea of Chichen-Itzatours.com, we made a commitment to be honest and to not hide information from our clients. It's a long day excursion, but it's definitely a must visit if you are in the Yucatan Peninsula. It's like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. So if your question is 'is it worth it? the answer is that with a little bit of patience and a good mood, yes, it definitely IS WORTH IT.

1. - As you can tell if you read the information on this website, we try to be as specific as possible. This is in order to answer every one of the concerns that our customers might have and to avoid misunderstandings, like 'BUT I THOUGHT THAT...'. Check other tours and you will see that they are not even remotely close to our level of attention to detail

2. A 10-11 hour excursion. Is it worth the effort? YES, it definitely is.

If you were in Peru, the first place that would come to mind would be Machu Picchu. This comparison is to show you that you can't miss the chance of visiting this Wonder of the modern world. There are good and bad things, but I recommend you to read the comments on TripAdvisor to have a better idea of what to expect.

Lastly, I take this opportunity to say that we have all possible combinations, Chichen included. if you would like to have control over the excursion to manage your times as you like, we have the Private Chichen excursion. If you want to just visit Chichen and return as soon as possible to Tulum, we have Chichen Express. We have everything covered, just send a message, our operators are there to help you.

  • We Pick you up outside main entrance of Super AKI

    In the specific case of Tulum, our meeting place is outside main entrance of Super AKI. Due to logistics and scheduling, this is the only official place where you can board the bus.


    Indulge in the gastronomic delicacies of Yucatan with our buffet, especially designed for you. We have many options for all tastes, from chicken, pork, spaghetti, mash potatoes, beans, rice, saladas, fruits and desserts. Please take into consideration that beverages are not included and have to be paid in cash.

  • Arrival to Chichen Itza

    The visit to Chichen Itza includes: access to the archaeological site, certified guide to explain the importance of the Mayan civilization in the area, and afterwards, free time to walk around the area at your own pace to explore, take pictures, etc. Please note: The visit to Chichen Itza is about 2 hours long, if you would like to spend more time there we have other options, like Chichen Express or Private Chichen. Send a message by WhatsApp, we are here to help you.

  • One of the best cenotes of the zone INCREDIBLE CENOTE.

    The ancient Mayans believed the cenotes were places full of magic and mysticism. The cenote we visit is listed as one of the best in the region, the opportunity to dive in its fresh waters will be very tempting, and this can be easily achieved if you bring your swimsuit. Don't hesitate, this is an excellent combination to visit Chichen Itza


    A magical town in southeastern Mexico. It has a nice park, a colonial church but more importantly you'll have the chance to see the descendants of the Mayans interact with tourists, selling their crafts. It's something special. Don't forget to try the esquites or the marquesitas.

  • Return to Tulum

    Non-stop ride to Tulum. You can rest and savor your feelings and the fresh memories you've made. It will bring a smile to your face.

  • Arrive to Tulum

    The arrival time at your hotel is between 08:00 and 08:30 pm on the Tulum area


Unfortunately there are certain restrictions

Unfortunately the archaeological site of Chichen Itza is not designed for people who cannot walk, most of the main buildings are relatively close, but the client must be able to walk, even if it is for a few metres inside the place.

Likewise, in order to swim in the cenote, you must know how to swim. Is mandatory rent a life jacket to better enjoy the place.

  • To apply the payment on the day of the excursion it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same transportation
  • Not having circulatory problems, since the ride from Tulum to Chichen is about 2 hours long.
  • Being on time. When one of our clients is late we have to wait for them and this results in delays for the rest of the clients.
  • The soil in Chichen is uneven, and there are tree roots and gravel, so it is not recommended for people in wheelchairs.
  • Visitors must know how to swim in order to enter the cenote (Renting a lifejacket is mandatory)
  • It is not recommended for small children
  • Being physically and emotionally well
  • People under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult / guardian
  • Being able to walk, even if it is for short distances
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb the ruins at Chichen Itza (due to conservation purposes)
  • Drones or tripods are not allowed at the archaeological zone. For more information, email us.


We only ask you to let us know if you are not going to be able to show up for some reason.

We are aware that there are some things that we can't control, such as health issues, changes in mood, bad weather, etc.

Basically, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as you can if you are not going to be able to take the tour, this is to avoid making the trip to pick up someone who is not going to show up.

There are no cancellation issues if you made a personal reservation, however, if your group requires private transportation that needs advanced reservation, we follow these guidelines

  • No penalty up to 24 hours before
  • No show surcharge of 100%


Leave a review
5 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- 20 August -


"Over the years I have seen many historic places and chichen itza is definitely one of the best. The place is about 2 hours from Tulum. One the way you can see lots of small towns which really represent the real mexico.Chichen itza is extremely beautiful with lot of mayan history associated with it. The places is very hot in the afternoon so make sure you carry lot pf water and suns cream."

- 20 August -

Luc G

"Family had a great day outing at chichen itza. The temple is awesome; well maintained. Many other ruins around the huge temple. Very Crowded. Enjoyed our cultural visit."

- 7 August -

Frank B

"My husband and I have travelled to Mexico many times over the last 23 years. Only 4 years ago, we visited multiple archeological sites from Teotihuacan to Monte Alban. Though I find Chichen Itza an impressive Mayan site, I was disappointed with the lack of facilities and the endless lineup of vendors. Most other sites do not allow vendors and have proper bathrooms with toilet paper. At Chichen, many visitors ended up wasting time waiting in bathroom lines. The paths were half the width they were meant to be due to vendors on both sides of the paths. The noise pollution from the jaguar flutes sold by the vendors, diminished the quality of our experience. This site is badly managed and requires a serious overhaul."

- 7 August -


"I'm convinced there's still a lot to learn here. The physics in the design and layout are absolutely amazing. Recommended to do some online research before arriving so you don't have to read the limited signage that will be crowded. Arrive as early as possible to beat the heat and experience some acoustic wonders that will get damped with the crowds."

- 5 August -

Melissa L

"Chichen itza was really neat, learning about all the history behind it and all of the meaning made it even better. The pyramid which is also known as El Castillo was huge! There is 91 steps on each side. I would have loved to climb it bit I'm glad they stopped it to preserve it for years to come. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and I understand why. That must have taken years to build. Our tour guide told us it was built by people who wanted to not people who were forced to. It is very touristy which made it quite congested."