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Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour

From/per person $136 USD

Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

If you are quoting on other websites, make sure the price includes entry and taxes to Chichen Itza (Check for hidden fees). WE DO INCLUDE ENTRANCE FEES AND TAXES


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"A Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour that should not be missed during your vacation."

Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour

Chichen Itza Deluxe TourThis Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour has everything included, all you have to do is wait in the comfort of your lodging center where van will pick you up. let us take care all of the logistics and rest assured that it will be an experience that you won't forget for the rest of your life

Due to very low reservation levels, we are not offering this excursion until high season


  • Round-trip transportation in luxury buses
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance fees into Chichen Itza
  • Guide in Chichen Itza
  • Large variety of regional food in the lunch buffet
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (only visit)

In this Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour we have thought of everything down to the last detail, of course there are cheaper options, however, if you are looking for comfort and a package that already includes everything, this is your best option.

If your dream is to visit Chichen Itza, this Deluxe Tour has all the necessary elements for you to have a fantastic day without worrying about paying anything else, since everything is already included on the price


In this Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour, only buses in very good condition are used, the seats are reclining and comfortable. All buses come equipped with bathrooms for the comfort of our clients.

The buses are panoramic view windows and all have air conditioning, the heat, especially in summer time can be a bit intense. The buses are having a curtain system in case you want to rest a bit before arriving at Chichen Itza

One of the advantages of paying for a Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour is we use only the best and more comfortable buses that this part of Mexico has to offer.


Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour Breakfast

This excursion is all-inclusive, and we think of everything, we understand that it is very likely that you have didn't have the opportunity to have breakfast properly at your hotel, considering that we will provide a light breakfast that consists of

  • A baguette
  • Orange juice
  • A muffin
  • Coffee

Chichen Itza

This excursion includes the entrance fees to the Chichen Itza archaeological zone, we'll visit the archaeological zone for approximately 2.5 hours (approximately 1.5 hours with the guide) and free time in the area of approximately 1 hour

One of the things that we provide with the Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour is the audio system that the guides handle, all people are given headphones that are connected with the guide's explanation, so that you can listen to the explanations with total comfort and without interruptions.

Before entering the archaeological zone, the guide will give you a bottle of water, and one umbrella per couple so that you are more comfortable if the day is quite sunny. As you can see in this Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour everything is thought out until the last detail to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Chichen Itza is an impressive place in the Mayan culture, very well preserved and in a constant process of restoration. Apart from the pyramid of Chichen Itza, there are other temples, and a "ball game" field. It is a magical and beautiful place to see.

We'll provide you with a guide who will explain everything perfectly within the area, his job is to make things come alive with his detailed explanations of all the temples within the area, the sounds, the echoes, the stories and the customs of the place. Their work is truly amazing and it could be said that they are passionate about the mayan culture.

It's an excellent sample of mayan architecture and wisdom. The guided tour will leave you surprised with the knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and medical sciences that the mayans had.

Due to very low reservation levels, we are not offering this excursion until high season

Lunch buffet

Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour Buffet

The buffet area is a hacienda located in the center of Valladolid, where you can see the type of architecture that was used in colonial times, from the immense gate that was designed for the access of horse-drawn carriages to a beautiful altarpiece on the patio made with talavera tiles.

It's located a few steps from the central park of Valladolid, so the location is unbeatable

The restaurant offers a delicious buffet lunch with many food selections, a salad bar, soups, and fruits (not to mention the chips / salsas / guacamole). They also have a nice dessert bar you will especially enjoy the rice pudding. As you will have already visited Chichen Itza, the "Plaza de la Ciudad", and the nearby large cenote, you will be very hungry when you arrive, so the "All you can eat" buffet is a very good option.

Try one of the most complete buffets of Yucatecan food in the area, the buffet has more than 70 different dishes to try, from the classic cochinita pibil, poc-chuc, lime soup, salbutes, panuchos, a mixture or fusion of different flavors prehispanic corn, axiote, pumpkin seeds and habanero pepper combined with ingredients from Europe such as garlic, pork, chicken and almonds

There are options for all tastes and flavors, there are also salads, fruits, dressings, soups, and vegetarian options for people with a slightly more strict diet.

Not to mention the delicious desserts, there is a wide variety. On this Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour the drinks are unlimited from soft drinks, fresh waters, beers etc.

A very picturesque place, very family orientated and specializes in yucatecan food. The restaurant in Valladolid is very beautiful and the food they serve is delicious.

Free time in Valladolid

Excursion a Chichen itza de Lujo Valladolid

Valladolid is considered a magical town because it has an architecture representative of the different cultural and architectural stages of the yucatan history. Walk through its narrow streets with colonial buildings and let yourself be transported by its history.

If you walk just two short blocks you will reach the heart of the magical town the main park, with its cathedral of San Gervacio.

At the center of the park, the “La Mestiza” fountain as a tribute to the Yucatecan woman, product of the fusion of the mayan and spanish culture.

The sculpture proudly wears the highest quality yucatecan regional outfit: "El terno". Lots of light, the whole park is very picturesque, and all around it has the typical double benches called, "for confidants". Perfect for lovers, since when you sit you are practically facing each other and you can talk while looking into each other's eyes.

As you walk towards the fountain, you'll be accompanied by the songs of infinity birds found in this park, the fountain surrounded by white ironwork benches that allow you to spend time here just admiring the illuminated Church of San Gervacio, the lush trees from where songs emanate from the birds, and behind us the sound of the fountain, a place worthy of a story.

Cenote Zaci

Excursion a Chichen itza de Lujo Cenote

The cenotes are one of the most natural beauties of the yucatan peninsula, they are incredible freshwater wells for rain, and for the ancient Mayans they were a place with an impressive mystique.

You will be surprised to see that in the very heart of the magical town of Valladolid is a beautiful cenote, which has some paths on one side of the body of water, there are different places from where you can take beautiful photographs that will make a beautiful postcard of the cenote.

This is an ideal place for those people who like to take photos in beautiful landscapes, although let me tell you that the photographs do not do justice to the wonder that it really is, the cenote is very large and the view is impressive

Returning to your hotel

After a long but fun day it's your turn to relax and savor every moment of the Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour. Sit back recline your seat and rest until we reach the door of your hotel, a good time to close your eyes and do an analysis of the wonderful things that you have experienced throughout the day.

Service of transportation

We have round-trip transportation service from the comfort of your hotel, either in the Cancun, Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen areas.

If you are in the Tulum area, unfortunately we do not have a transfer service as it is far from our route to Chichen Itza, but send a message to check other available options

Other options

If you visit this website, you will see that we have different packages available that are designed for all types of clients, from Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour, to classic Chichen Itza excursions departing from different cities in the Riviera Maya, for example.

We have all the options covered, in addition to private options to Chichen Itza, we have express excursions as you can see in these links

We specialize in Chichen Itza, we also offer the best promotions on the market, if you have any questions, please send a message by WhatsApp in the lower green icon, we will gladly answer all your questions and I am sure we have a package that suits your tastes and expectations.


Soon a very complete blog will be available online we have created it with great affection, we include all of our knowledge and experience regarding your visit to Chichen Itza, we answer the questions that are most recurrent from our clients, as well as recommendations, advice and tips, to make this excursion to Chichen Itza one of the best activities you do on your vacation.

We answer questions such as:

In addition to these other questions

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  • Private Chichen Itza tour
  • Chichen Itza Tour covid
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  • Xichen Deluxe tour

Social networks

Social networks are increasingly influencing our society, they are an excellent tool with which we can establish a direct line of communication between the client and ourselves, the tour operators.

Following in line with current trends, we have our section on Facebook and a section on Instagram will be ready very soon, as you can see, we are constantly opening new communication channels, new promotions, new packages to always be updated and current with our competition.

If you are comfortable using Facebook as a social media network, we invite you to look at our page and we ask you to give us a LIKE, we will thank you infinitely from here

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This luxury excursion to Chichen Itza is not the cheapest, but it is the most complete, since it includes everything you need to make this excursion one of the best during your vacation.

The most important is comfort and service, that's what we guarantee on this excursion.

  • The price for adults and children older than 9 years is $136 USD or $2600 pesos per person
  • The price for children 3-9 years is $102 USD or $2000 pesos per child
  • If you have a child under 3 years of age, they are completely free, however, they are not guaranteed a seat on the transportation and must ride on your lap


$136 USD

  • Children Price 3-9 Years $102 USD
  • Guarantee against bad weather
  • All Inclusive


$2600 MXN

  • Children Price 3-9 years $2000 MXN
  • We Speak spanish
  • Excellent Service


€120 EUROS

  • Children Price 3-9 Years $90 EUROS
  • European Standards
  • We Speak your Language

Meeting place

We will pick you up at the door of your hotel

We'll pick you up in the comfort of your lodging center, as long as the hotel is in an area with access from the street, and if the hotel allows us to pass for you. Send us a message, we have pickup in 90% of the hotels in the Cancun, Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen area.

It's an excursion in which convenience and comfort is the first line of thought, that is why we make everything easy for our clients, and we pick you up in the comfort of your hotel lobby

What's Included

What is included?

This excursion includes everything you need to spend an incredible day visiting Chichen Itza archaeological site, attention to detail, comfort and good treatment are the guiding principles of this luxury excursion to Chichen Itza

We include the following

  • Round-trip transportation in luxury buses
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance fees to Chichen Itza
  • Guide in Chichen Itza
  • Audio system in Chichen Itza
  • Drinks in the transportation
  • Water
  • Umbrellas (one per couple)
  • Wide variety of regional food in our buffet lunch
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (only visit)

Not Included

There are things to consider

As in any part of the world there are things that are not included, and that depends on the tastes of each client, but everything necessary for the excursion is included in this excursion. Check this list of the most common things that are not included

  • Tips
  • Souvenirs

Throughout the excursion, there will be people trying to sell you souvenirs from Chichen Itza, these souvenirs are 100% optional to buy and you are not obliged to buy anything that you do not want.

What to bring

What things should I bring?

It is important to take into account that in the summer months the heat in Yucatan is intense, it never hurts to bring protection from the sun, you'll be more comfortable. This list is not intended to be a detailed list as it would be very long. The list should vary from person to person depending on their specific needs

Check out this list of the most common things to bring

  • Caps or sunhats
  • Light comfortable clothing you will me walking a lot in temperatures that can reach the high 80's
  • Comfortable shoes for walking (tennis shoes, or sandals)
  • A small backpack or bag to carry water (inside the archeological zone there might not be any available)
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Cash or credit card for souvenirs

Forms of payment

We accept all payment methods

Of course, we have the most common payment options on the market, and the best thing is that we have the option to pay everything at the time of the excursion, only payment in cash.

The options are

  • Bank deposits / electronic transfers (At least 2 days in advance)
  • PayPal (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Credit card (4-5% bank fee will be added) (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Payment in cash (pesos, Usd, or Euros)

1.- Where is the meeting place for the luxury tour of Chichen Itza?

In the lobby of your hotel, as long as the hotel is within our routes and they let us pass to pick you up, there are some hotels that do not allow external tour agencies to pass, but there are very few. Send a message and with pleasure we'll tell you if there is a pickup or not.

2. I'm staying with family (not in a hotel), for the luxury tour of Chichen Itza where is the meeting place?

The meeting place will be a designated place, just send a message with your address or the area where you are staying and we will gladly indicate a central place where you can walk to

3.- I would like to leave at a specific time, is that possible?

Unfortunately we already have pre-established schedules with different sales channels and we already have reservations committed to the pre-established routes. If you want to leave at a specific time, I recommend the private excursion to Chichen Itza.

4.- What time will you pick me up at my hotel?

It depends on your hotels location, but the pickup times are between 07:00 and 08:00 a.m. from Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Send a message and we will gladly give you the exact pickup information for your hotel.

5.- In what type of vehicle will you pick me up?

It depends on the number of reservations we have in that specific hotel or in the surrounding hotels, it can be by bus, but in most cases it is in vans, which will take you to the meeting place, where the buses leave for Chichen Itza

6.- How will I be able to identify you, do you have a certain type of uniform?

Of course, when you make the formal reservation, we'll let you know the name of the company and the uniform of the people who will pick you up.

7.- I am interested in the luxury tour to Chichen Itza. Is it guaranteed that you will pick us up? I have had bad experiences in the past

Let's make a deal, don't pay anything, until you get on the van and arrive at the meeting place, just as you trust us, we trust you.

8.- I overslept, but I think i can make it just a few minutes late, can you wait for me?

Take into account that in addition to picking you up, we must pickup more clients, we have a very limited waiting time. We ask you to be punctual at the meeting place, to avoid missing the luxury excursion to Chichen Itza.

9. I'm at the meeting place but I don't see anyone, what should I do?

Call immediately to (+52) 987 112 9491, there we will inform you where the van is, or if there is any delay in the previous pickup

1.- I don't have my receipt printed what options do I have?

We handle almost everything digital, you can request a PDF receipt by WhatsApp in your WhatsApp account and you can show it on your cell phone, although in extreme cases it is not necessary, just your name is more than enough

2.- I have me receipt in my phone can I show you there?

Of course, in fact, it is the reason we made this modification, to avoid wasting paper it helps the planet a little more

3.- What type of clothing do you recommend I wear?

Light clothing with light colors, since dark colors attract more heat, keep in mind that in the Chichen Itza area the heat at certain times of the year can be intense

4.- Are there lockers to keep my things?

Unfortunately we do not have lockers, you can leave your things on the bus, although it is important that you tell the guide that you are leaving your things on the bus

5.- I'm interested, based on your experience what days are there less people in Chichen Itza?

It is difficult to say, Chichen Itza is one of the most visited places in the Yucatan peninsula, however, on Sundays it is free for locals and there are more people that visit that day. I recommend going at the beginning of the week, although if it's vacation time there will be people every day

6.- Can I bring my baby with me?

Yes, as long as you have everything necessary that the baby may need

1.- In the luxury tour of Chichen Itza what is included?

  • Round-trip transportation in luxury buses
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance fees into Chichen Itza
  • Guide in Chichen Itza
  • Audio system in Chichen Itza
  • Drinks during the ride
  • Water
  • Umbrella (one umbrella per couple)
  • Wide variety of regional food at the lunch buffet
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (visit only)

2.- In the visit to the cenote what is included?

It is only a visit to the cenote to take photos, unfortunately in this excursion due to the time limit swimming in the cenote is not considered. If you wanted to swim in the cenote send us a message we have options offer swimming in the cenote

3.- Are drinks included in the luxury tour of Chichen Itza?

Of course, being a luxury excursion, we have drinks included throughout the entire excursion, it is one of the benefits of the luxury excursion

4.- Why is it such a long excursion?

Chichen Itza is in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula, it is far from the Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya areas. It will be a memorable experience, definitely worth the time spent. If you want a shorter excursion we have options such as Chichen Itza Express, send us a message to check availability

1.- Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, just keep in mind that all payments by credit or debit card generate an extra charge that is between 4-5% for bank commissions, so it is advisable to pay in cash, in which case there is no such charge.

2.- Can I pay when you pick me up?

Yes, just let our sales executives know, to make the necessary arrangements

3.- Do you have months without interest available?

Unfortunately we do not have this option available

4.- What is the price for the luxury excursion to Chichen Itza for adults?

$136 US Dollars per person, remember that prices may change, please send us a message for current prices.

5.- What is the price for the luxury tour to Chichen Itza for children?

$102 US Dollars for each child, 3-9 years old child, send us a message if you have questions, we will gladly help you

6.- What current promotions do you have?

Send a message each case is analyzed separately, if there are more than 4 people, we can offer a special price, but it depends on several factors such as season, etc. Send us a message it is very likely that we have something for you.

1.- Is this tour recommended for small children or babies?

Unfortunately it is not intended for small children, but if there is no other choice bring them, we have done it before and if the necessary measures are taken there should be no problem

2.- I have someone in my group who is in a wheelchair can I bring them along?

Chichen Itza is not designed for wheelchairs, there are no paved roads and there are roots and if it has rained there may be mud, it is not designed for people in wheelchairs, the private option is the best in this type of situation

3.- To enter into the cenote is it necessary to know how to swim?

We don't swim at the cenote, is only a visit

1.- How can I reserve?

By email, but the fastest way is by WhatsApp, send us a message we are here to help you

2.- Will you send me a confirmation of my reservation?

Yes, you will be sent a PDF that is your confirmation receipt of services to your WhatsApp or email

3.- What are your service hours?

  • Monday to Friday from 07:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 am - 08:00 pm

4.- How much time in advance is it recommended that I make my reservation?

Within a month to one night before the excursion, as we do not take reservations for the same day

5.- Can I make the reservation in someone else's name?

Yes, without any problem, it is something very common

6.- Something came up and I need to change the date of my reservation for the luxury tour of Chichen Itza

We understand that there are sometimes unforeseen events, just let us know as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments

7.- How can I cancel?

Send a message by WhatsApp or an email as soon as possible, to make the cancellation immediately

8.- If I cancel what happens, is there any type of penalty?

If it is a normal reservation there is no penalty, just let us know please

If it is a private tour the following terms apply

  • 100% refund with 24 hour advance notice
  • No show, no refund

9.- If it's raining or there is bad weather what can I do?

If you feel that the conditions are not adequate to enjoy the excursion, you can cancel at that time, and reschedule for another day

10.- Until what time can I make my reservation?

Until one night before, we close reservations at 09:00 pm, although it is recommended up to two days before to do everything calmly


STEP BY STEP Our excursion to Chichen Itzá Deluxe

The present itinerary that we put for you to review is for illustrative purposes only and does not mean that it has to be followed in that order, we reserve the right to modify the order of the tour, but always respecting that the promised places are visited

The schedules are approximate, it depends on external factors that sometimes we cannot control, but rest assured that you are in good hands and that if you let yourself go you will know one of the new wonders of the modern world.

  • We pick you up from your hotel lobby

    Convenience and comfort are the first thing you will notice with this luxury excursion to Chichen Itza, of course we'll pick you up from the comfort of the hotel lobby

  • Arriving at the central meeting place

    The transportation that picks you up will take you to our meeting place, where the buses that will take you to Chichen Itza are waiting

  • Arriving to CHICHEN ITZA

    We'll visit the most visited archaeological zone of the Yucatan peninsula, one of the new wonders of the modern world

  • Regional buffet Lunch

    Enjoy the delights of Yucatecan food with one of the most complete and tasty buffets in the region

  • Visit the magical town of Valladolid

    Discover the main park, the local church, and marvel at its colonial streets and friendly people

  • Visit Cenote Zaci

    In the center of the city of Valladolid there is an impressive cenote, which will be the delight of people who like to take photos in beautiful places, (it's only a visit)

  • Returning to your hotels

    We'll depart back to the Riviera Maya, after visiting one of the most iconic places in Mexico, rest and savor every moment that you have just lived

  • Arriving at your Hotel

    The arrival time at your hotels depends on whether you are in Playa del Carmen or Cancun, but rest assured that we'll drop you off at the same place where we picked you up in the morning.


We have some recommendations

Due to the configuration of this excursion there are certain restrictions that we have to implement, some are for security and others are restrictions that the authorities of the archaeological zones put, in order to allow us access.

Check this list please

  • To apply the payment on the day of the excursion it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same transportation
  • Should not have circulatory problems the ride from Cancun to Chichen is 2-3 hours
  • Be punctual at all of the meeting points, this is a shared tour if one is late everyone must waits, and this generates delays throughout the tour, affecting the rest of the group.
  • In chichen there are slopes, roots, gravel, and uneven ground, so it is not recommended for wheelchairs
  • Not recommended for small children
  • Be well physically and mentally
  • Under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult
  • Have the ability to walk short distances
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb the ruins in Chichen Itza
  • The use of drones and tripods in the archeological zone is not permitted for more information send us an email


Basically let us know as soon as possible if you are not going to attend

All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend the excursion, in order to make the necessary adjustments and to be able to offer those spaces to other interested clients.

If it is a shared excursion, the following cancellation criteria is in place

  • No penalty for cancellations with 24 hour notice
  • 100% surcharge for no shows


5 Review
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- February -


"We did the Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour which also included Valladolid and a Cenote. Breakfast and lunch was included. It was a long day and totally worth it."

- February -


"At then end of the day this was excellent value of the money. Chichén Itzá was amazing. Different than seeing the more local sites near Cancun, and a long day. Definitely the quality of service makes the difference. From the breakfast to the guided tours of the site it was all good. The visit to he colonial town was a bit of a let down, but the lunch there was good. Don’t be fooled - México is not a place so much as a people. Get to know the hard working individuals that are making your vacation special."

- January -


"The trip to cichen-Itza' is worth the time - it is a 12 hour day. You are picked up in a nice motor bus and if you purchased the deluxe tour, are given a boxed breakfast. Eat it, as you will need the energy- once at the site as there is a great deal of walking. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!. The tour is well organized - you don't wait in lines and they provide umbrellas to shade you from the sun if you wish."

- BPS -


"I can't say enough about the personal experience of visiting a site that I had previously only seen in history books...the building are even more impressive in person! Beyond the main pyramid and the area immediately around it, be sure to make the side trip to the far side of the site to see the observatory. The good tour guides will take the time to point out the smallest details that one might miss if making the tour alone."

- January -


"Make sure u take the deluxe tour! They take u to Valladolid and a Cenote it includes breakfast and lunch as well as an open bar."