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Chichen Itza Tour from Playa del Carmen

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Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

If you are quoting on other websites, make sure the price includes entry and taxes to Chichén Itzá (Check for hidden fees). WE DO INCLUDE ENTRANCE FEES AND TAXES

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"Here we offer quality at a good price"

Chichen Itza Tour from Playa del Carmen

Chichen Itza Tours from Playa del CarmenWow! this is amazing! on our Chichen itza tour from Playa del Carmen, there really are no words to describe the history that surrounds this place.

It's one of those places that give you goosebumps when you see them in person and could be admired for hours even when you've seen it so many times in documentaries and pictures.

Here is short a video, so you can have a better idea

It's important that when you finish watching the video, comeback here to check the details of the excursion

You can pay the day of the excursion

NO RISK for you, we rely on your honesty
Restrictions apply Click here for more information

Why Chichen Itza

Did you know that Chichen Itza is just 130 miles from Playa del Carmen (2 and a half hours drive) It's easy to get there, the road is in good condition; if you're on vacation in Playa del Carmen and have the chance, you should go visit it. It's not everyday that you get the chance to see one of the new 7 wonders of the modern world.

You and your family will always remember this visit. Words cannot express the history, the buildings and the greatness of this place. We all have learned about the mayans in our history lessons, but how about experiencing it firsthand? You can do this, for a great price, with our excursion to Chichen Itza from Playa del Carmen

You can't leave Playa del Carmen without visiting this magical place. It's so majestic it will leave you breathless

Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

Why Us

First let me explain why, and the reason is very simple. We are the direct providers of the excursion, which means that, by booking with us, you are eliminating all intermediaries that want a share of the price you're paying. This will not affect the quality of the excursion. Just picture it: the excursion includes

  • Round trip transportation from your hotel in Playa del Carmen ***Restrictiotions apply***
  • Access & Taxes to Chichen Itza
  • Tour guide in Chichen
  • Free time in Chichen
  • Access to a spectacular Cenote (lifejacket not included)
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Visit to the magic town of Valladolid

All of this for a very affordable price. If you find a cheaper tour with the same characteristics as ours, we will lower the price

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Tours from Playa del CarmenToday you can find Chichen Itza restored to all its glory, which is mostly attributed to the Carnegie Institute, and it's easy for the visitor to imagine the ancient scenes in the city, such as the impressive nature of this work. Rivalling that of the ancient greeks and egyptians, the mayan history speaks of expert astronomers and smart mathematicians. Their structures were far ahead of their time, which is emphasized in the thorough details of every monument, wall and structure they built.

Famous around the world, Mexico's main mayan ruins will not disappoint you. The main pyramid dominates an open area; let me tell you, it will take your breath away the moment you walk in and see it. It is AMAZING!!! but there are plenty of other places to explore. Take a moment to pause at the ball game field and wonder how the players ever managed to score a goal, or seek out the wall of skulls to see stone carvings that remain in good condition. Stroll past the group of 1000 columns to get an idea of how impressive the city must have been back then.

Other places

It's an all-day excursion, because we visit other fascinating places in the area, such as a beautiful cenote, to swim in its waters just like the gods did; we also make a stop to a have a buffet lunch and, finally, we visit a magic town called Valladolid on our way back to Playa del Carmen, where we get to see firsthand the interaction between the descendants of the mayans and the rest of the world.

Trust me, if you are in Playa del Carmen or the surrounding areas, visiting Chichen Itza is a must. I can't imagine being so close and not taking the time to visit Chichen Itza.

You guys come on. It's one of the 7 wonders!.


To those who are planning to visit Playa del Carmen, I would recommend our Chichen Itza blog, where you can find information about prices and many tips to make your visit more enjoyable, plus suggestions to take as much advantage as possible of your vacation. We answer questions like

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Other excursions

I take this opportunity to list the different activities we offer from different tourist destinations, such as

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If you find it cheaper we will match the price

There can't be a lower price than ours, simply because we are responsible for carrying out the excursion, which allows us great flexibility at the moment of quoting prices. We have a slogan: If you find a cheaper tour with the same characteristics as ours, we'll match the price!

You just have to meet these conditions

  • It has to be the same excursion
  • In equal conditions
  • In the same currency
  • Price differences greater than $5 USD
  • Price without taxes
  • In the same holiday period

We also have special rates for groups, private excursions, etc. If you want to do something that includes a visit to Chichen, send us an email, we probably have something for you.

Our channels of communication are open 24 hours a day. You can call or send us an email, or contact us via Facebook or WhatsApp, we are here for you.


$1200 MXN

  • Kids Price $1100 MXN
  • Special prices for latins
  • Hablamos español / castellano
  • Excelente servicio


$70 USD

  • Kids Price $65 USD
  • BEST price on the market
  • Warranty against bad weather
  • Promotions for groups



  • Kids Price $60 EUROS
  • French guides
  • German guides
  • European Standards
  • We speak your language

Meeting Point

Meeting points

We have a Pick up service at most hotels in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas. We try to save you time, money and the effort of having to meet us at a place that is far from where you are staying.

The only way that we wouldn't be able to pick you up would be if the hotel is on a difficult-access area or out of our regular routes, like urban neighborhoods.

  • The Pick Up schedule is based on the location of your hotel
  • If we can't find your hotel, we'll select the closest location to you (call us or send us an email)
  • If you have any doubts concerning the location of your hotel, don't worry, you can call us and we'll assist you.

What is included

Check out what's included

Like in any other part of the world, there are things that are included and things that are not. We like to be open and explain everything with as much detail as possible to avoid surprises or extra fees. Please read what is included in the price and what is not included.

We recommend carrying cash at all times just in case you need it.

  • Round trip transportation on air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Professional drivers
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Admission to the Cenote (Lifejackets not included)
  • Free time in the Cenote (Swimming)
  • Access & Taxes to Chichen Itza
  • Free time in Chichen Itza (pictures)
  • Certified tour guide in Chichen Itza
  • Early departures to see as much as possible
  • Visit to the colonial city of Valladolid

Not Included

Not everything is included

Unfortunately, there are certain things that are not included due to economic reasons or logistics. Overall, we try to include the most basic needs in our tour, but there are things that are included, and other things that are not. If you can't find it in the 'included' tab, then it means it isn't. Either way, you can write us an email and we'll write you back with a few tips or suggestions.

  • Drinks at the buffet lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Umbrellas
  • Lifejackets and Lockers at the Cenote
  • Water or drinks on the bus
  • There is an extra admission fee in Chichen if you bring a very sophisticated camera or tripod.
  • Souvenirs
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • If you can't find it in the 'included' tab, it is not included.

What To Bring

What should I bring

Better safe than sorry! there are some things you need to make your trip more enjoyable. Of course, you may already have all of the things on this list or at least a few, but you should bring whatever you have, although there are some items that are not as necessary. Please read this information:

Important: if you are under medication or follow a specific diet, it is the client's responsibility to bring said medication or food with you, but we will be there to assist you.

  • Fully charged phone
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Beach towels
  • Swimsuit and a change of clothes
  • Comfortable and fresh clothing, we do not recommend dark colors
  • Comfortable footwear (sandals, sneakers)
  • Hats, caps, umbrellas (the bigger better)
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Lunch or Snacks for the road
  • Blanket (in case it gets chilly on the bus)
  • Neck pillow
  • Book, notebook or games for the bus ride
  • Small backpack
  • Patience and a good attitude


You can use any method of payment

Except for barter, we accept all methods of payment. You can use the method of payment that you find more convenient. The method of payment that best suits us is paying by cash, but we can discuss other options

  • Bank deposit (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfer (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Credit Card Payment (with a 4% extra charge)
  • PayPal (At least 2 days in advance)
  • If you don't feel confident, you can pay in cash when we pick you up. You can pay once you see the vehicle and the guide, and confirm that this is real (Cash Only) **Restrictions apply**

1. How long is the excursion to Chichen Itza from Playa del Carmen?

Approximately 11-12 hours from Playa del Carmen, it is a long excursion, but it is worth it. If you are looking for a shorter tour we do have Chichen Express available , but it is at a different price.

2.- What is included in the Chichen Itza tour from Playa del Carmen?

We include

  • Round-trip transportation from your hotel or meeting point
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (lifejackets not included)
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Entrance fee into Chichen Itza
  • Certified guide in the archeological zone
  • Visit to the magical town of Valladolid

3. - The price is a lot lower than other prices I found online, why?

The reason is simple, we are the direct providers of the excursion, when you book with us you do not pay commissions to any middlemen, we do this all without affecting the quality of the excursion, in fact, proof of this is that we explain in great detail what is included, and what it is not included. We also provide a step by step itinerary to avoid any surprises. Being as detailed as possible there can be no surprises.

4.- I read that there is food included, is that correct?

Yes, it is a buffet meal, which is included in the price of the excursion, you can serve yourself as many times as you want, we only recommend serving what you can eat.

Important: Drinks are not included and must be paid in cash when ordered or at the end of the meal.

5.- Are drinks included?

No, there are no drinks included during this tour, we have to be very clear in that regard, you can bring your own water bottles without any problem, but in the restaurant you have to only consume the drinks that are offered in the establishment.

6.- Will we be able to swim during the Chichen Itza tour from Playa del Carmen?

Yes, we will visit a beautiful cenote in the area where you can swim, we are in the cenote for 1 hour, we include the entrance fee, what is not included are life jackets or lockers.

7.- I am bringing my baby who has a strict diet, can I bring their food along?

Yes, there is no problem, in fact, it is the customer's responsibility if they are on a very strict diet to bring their own food. Please, if you have any questions we are here to help you.

8.- Can I bring food into the archeological zone?

No, it is strictly forbidden to have picnics, or bring in any food, just water. In that regard, the custodians are very strict and it is not up to us.

Another important thing, drones or very specialized cameras are not allowed, other important information is that the pyramids cannot be climbed.

9.- How much time will we spend in each place?

  • 2 hours in Chichen Itza
  • 1 hour to eat
  • 1 hour in the cenote
  • 30 minutes in Valladolid (this time can vary, depending on how long the rest of the tour takes)

1.- How can I make a reservation

Through an email, the process is as follows; we will send you an email with the most detailed information possible and if you agree, we will make the formal reservation.

2.- If I buy online how will you send the tickets?

Your confirmation receipt will be sent by email with all of the information on pickup times, meeting places, customer service phone numbers, balances to pay, recommendations for things to bring, but most importantly your service confirmation number.

3.- I am interested, but I do not have a specific date yet, is it necessary to have an exact date?

Yes, it is one of the most important pieces of data, we need 5 important things in order to close the reservation

  1. Specific date of the excursion
  2. Number of people including adults, children, and infants
  3. Name or address of your hotel
  4. Name of the excursion that you would like to take
  5. Complete name of the person making the reservation

4.- I do not have a credit card, how can I make a reservation?

There is no problem, you can pay everything in cash at the moment they pick you up ***Restrictions apply***

5.- I am very apprehensive, I have had bad experiences in the past buying online. Can I pay once I am picked up?

Yes, we prefer that it be paid in cash, and we ask for your vote of confidence with our company, you will realize if you read carefully the information contained here of how specific we are in order to avoid misunderstandings and that you are aware what is included and is not included

6.- What are your office hours?

We are available 24 hours a day, however, the hours in which we guarantee service are

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00am – 10:00 pm local time
  • Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm local time

7.- Can I make the reservation under the name of someone else?

Yes, without any problem we only need the information of that person.

8.- I am not in Mexico how can I call?

The phone number for customer service is (+52) 987 112 9491 you can call or you can send a WhatsApp or text message. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day.

9. If I make a reservation for a specific date, and for a reason out of my control I need to change the reservation, is that possible?

Yes, we just need you to let us know as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments.

10. Can I pay with someone else's credit card?

Yes, if that person agrees and will be attending the excursion because at the time of pick up we need the signature of the cardholder on the payment voucher.

11. I don't have access to a printer, and can’t print my receipt, what can I do?

No problem, you can show your receipt from your phone, we have a copy of your reservation, the most important thing is that the balances to pay are the same.

12. When can I cancel?

The moment you know that you will not be able to attend, the sooner you notify us the better.

13. How can I contact you?

We have all communication channels available, email, WhatsApp, text, Facebook, Instagram, phone calls, whichever makes it easier for you, but if it is urgent, it is best to give us a call.

14. Are you able to call me?

Yes, just tell us what time and the phone number with the area code if it is long distance or country code if it is outside of Mexico.

15. What are your policies for cancellations or refunds?

If it is a normal reservation there are no penalties for cancellations, we only ask you to notify us as soon as possible to avoid wasting time/money going to pick you up. You can notify us anytime day or night.

If it is a reservation for a private excursion, the following conditions apply

  • 100% refund with 24 hour advance notice
  • 50% refund with 12 hour advance notice
  • No show, no refund

1.- What is the price of the Chichen Itza tour from Playa del Carmen?

  • Adults: $70 USD per person
  • Children 3-10 years old: $65 USD per child
  • Infants or children ages 2 and under are free

2.- What age is considered a child versus an adult for prices?

Ages 3 - 10 years old will be charged child prices, older than 10 years old will be charged adult prices. The prices we charge are determined by what we have to pay in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá.

3.- We are a large group, do you have group prices?

Yes, as long as there are more than 7 people, special rates already apply

4.- Do you have any promotions available?

Yes, we have promotions all year round, send us an email to see which promotion best suits your budget and characteristics of your group

5.- I am not from Mexico, is the price the same?

Yes, it is the same price that is on the central page of this section. The prices only differ if the tour is given in a different language like German, English, French or Italian.

6. What are the payment forms?

We have all payment forms available, but the most recommended is in cash when you are picked up.

7. Can I pay with dollars or euros?

Yes, USD o Euros on cash are accepted

8. Can I pay using my credit card?

Yes, but we only accept Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept American Express. There is a 4-5% increase for administrative expenses that has to be added to the final price when paying by credit card.

9. I don't want to print my receipt, can I show you using my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, without any problem we are a green company.

1.- Is round-trip transportation included?

Yes, we go to the door of your hotel or meeting place ***restrictrions apply*** and at the end we leave you at the same place where we picked you up.

2.- From where will you pick me up?

If you are in a hotel 90% of the time in the lobby of your lodging center. If you are in a condominium or with relatives, we can designate a nearby meeting place.

3.- You're not going to leave me waiting, you will pick me up correct?

Absolutely if we go to pick up all of our guests, in fact, you do not have to pay anything in advance, you can pay everything when you see the transportation and pay directly to the driver or guide. That way you can be assured that it is real and that it is going to happen. You can also call the number +52 987 112 9491 to find out exactly where the van is,in route to pick you up.

4.- How many minutes can you wait for me at the meeting location?

Usually 5 minutes, but not always, it depends on how late we are running, if that is your case please contact the customer service phone immediately (+52 987 112 9491)


The order of the stops may vary, but this does not affect the tour

Please note: based on our experience, we reserve the right to modify the itinerary of the excursion, i.e. If we see that it's raining upon our arrival to Chichen, we may go first to the Cenote, then lunch and, finally, to Chichen, once the rain has stopped. You will spend the same hours at the same places, only backwards. This decision is based on operation purposes, logistics, comfort and the places to visit.

Please note: All times published on this site are estimated, and we will make our best effort to comply with them, however, there are factors that are beyond our control that could prevent us from meeting the schedule, like flat tires, mechanical problems, etc. We will do all we can to be on schedule, however this information is for illustrative purposes only.

Something important is that we will always speak the truth, and will be as clear as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings, Check this out.

1.- compare prices, quality and service. Check if our competitors have as much attention to detail as we do. Ever since we came up with the idea of Chichen-Itzatours.com, we made a commitment to be honest and to not hide information from our clients. Everything you purchase from this site will match the reality of the excursion.

2.- Many people ask us "how many hours does the tour last?", the answer is 12 hours, at least. It is completely worth it. The answer is always the same, YES, because you will visit a place you will never forget.

Chichen Itza is one of the new wonders of the modern world for a reason. It is incredible. If you were in Peru, the first place that would come to your mind would be Machu Picchu, and if you were in China, it would be the Great Wall, because these are iconic places that you can't stop visiting when you are there. So, if you travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting Chichen Itza is a must.

Please check this route out, and if for some reason you have a different idea for your visit to Chichen Itza please share it with us, we have all the possible combinations, for example: “I want to spend more time at Chichen”. We have Private Chichen and Chichen Express. “I don't want to go with a lot of people”. We have Chichen for Small Groups. “I want to arrive early”. We leave for Chichen very early, this means we have all possible options to visit this great place covered . You can call, email or message us. Find us on Facebook, we are here to serve you.

  • We pick you up IN THE LOBBY OF YOUR HOTEL

    In most cases we pick you up at the comfort of your hotel ***Restrictions Apply***. We only pick up people from hotels in the area to make the process as quick as possible. Trust us, we have experience. The pick up time depends on the location of your hotel on the map.

  • The taste of our land BUFFET STYLE FOOD

    Yucatecan cuisine is one of the most delicious of Mexico. Try the cochinita pibil, panuchos and salbutes. Don't worry, we have options for all tastes, like chicken, fish, fruit, salads, spaghetti, beans, rice, etc. Please note: food is included in the price, however, drinks are not included and they have to be paid for in cash.

  • Arrival to Chichen Itza

    We will go directly to the place you have been waiting for, Chichen Itza in all its glory and majesty. It includes access to the archaeological site, a guided tour with a certified guide who will explain the importance of the mayan civilization, to help you see more than just ruins. The visit to Chichen Itza is about 2 hours long. Trust me, it's enough time to take 1000 photos and explore the most important parts of the site. If you want to spend more time at Chichen, we have the perfect excursion for you. Please send us an email, our operators are waiting for your call.

  • Swim in the spectacular Cenote

    After suffering the heat of Chichen Itza, there is nothing more comforting than taking a dip in a natural beauty. It is one of most beautiful cenotes in the region. It is a beautiful cenote with vertical walls. Don't forget your swimsuit and beach towel. We will spend approximately one hour in the cenote.


    Seeing the descendants of the Mayan sell their crafts and the way in which they interact in their everyday life, it really is a spectacular scene. Valladolid is a magical town in the southeast of Mexico, it has a very beautiful colonial church and a picturesque park. Don't miss the chance to try the delicious marquesitas.

  • Return to PLAYA DEL CARMEN

    Now, back to Playa del Carmen without intermediate stops. This is a good time to rest, reflect on your ideas, look at your photos and, more importantly, savor a wonderful day of your vacation.

  • Arrival to PLAYA DEL CARMEN

    The arrival time at your hotel is between 08:30 and 09:30 pm in the area of Playa del Carmen


You may want to take some things into consideration before taking this tour

We have to take into consideration some basic physical details in order to take this trip. Basically, anyone who is physically fit can take this tour.

  • To apply the payment on the day of the excursion it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same transportation
  • Not having circulatory problems, since the ride from Playa del Carmen to Chichen takes from 2-3 hours
  • Please be on time. When one of our clients is late we have to wait for them and this results in delays for the rest of the clients.
  • The soil in Chichen is uneven, and there are tree roots and gravel, so it is not recommended for people in wheelchairs.
  • Visitors must know how to swim in order to enter the cenote (otherwise it is recommended to wear a life jacket)
  • It is not recommended for young children
  • Being physically and emotionally well
  • People under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult / guardian
  • Being able to walk, even if it is for short distances
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb the ruins at Chichen Itza (due to conservation purposes)
  • Drones or tripods are not allowed at the archaeological zone. For more information, write us an email.


We know that there are things beyond our control

Sometimes things don't go as planned. People get sick, accidents occur, etc. We are aware of those details and the only thing we ask is that you let us know if you are not going to be able to take the tour as soon as possible, this is to avoid picking up someone who is not going to show up.

Usually the following points apply. These are the cancellation policies for private groups. Please take into account the following information

  • No penalty up to 24 hours before
  • 50% surcharge if you cancel 12 hours in advance
  • No show surcharge of 100%


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10 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- 20 August -

Stefan G

"There's lots to see, including tons of tourists. To be fair, I visited during December Holidays. That said, it's still cool to see. The sun is intense, but you can find shade if you look for it. Spend a couple hours and walk around. We had a tour guide, arranged through the company we were traveling with, and thus received lots of info you otherwise wouldn't."

"One other annoying thing were the numerous people selling things. Tables everywhere, so many that it intruded on the experience of exploring the ruins. I understand these people are working, and it's likely their only job, but at the same time perhaps they should be told to stay outside the ruins. Make sure to haggle/barter if/when you buy something."

- 20 August -


"Sure you can't climb it anymore (and that is why lots of people did go,let's be honest) but if you love history, and love to stand inside and feel that history,then it's worth it. The site is definitely impressive to see and there is so much more to see than just the big temple."

- 7 August -


"The whole thing is absolutely beautiful. The big pyramid is just stunning and the area around it is also amazing. Just like a wonder of the world is supposed to be. To avoid the GIGANTIC masses of tourists just come as early as you possibly can! You'll enjoy it! And make sure you are in the right queue (cash, Mexicans only, etc)."

- 7 August -

Mark M

"Great historical site. Well maintained. Well organized. Crowded. Worth your time. Too many vendors with the same stuff to sell."

- 5 August -


"3 hours away by bus from Playa del Carmen, so if you want to visit, do it early , there are a lot of tours to take , generally with a guide who explains to you the different buildings , wear confortable clothes , hat, caps and and umbrella , you can buy handcrafts there and they are cheaper than in a market , so wallets get ready !!! you can spend the afternoon taking wonderful photos definitely a place to visit"

- 5 July -


"When we visited Playa del Carmen, we just had to take our children to see and learn about the history of Chichen Itza. We didn't have much money to play with, but this excursion was my first priority. Other tours offer entertainment, food and a way to pass the time, but Chichen Itza offered us a grounding in the wondrous Mayan culture. Just about every provider will offer the guided tour sharing the history of these ruins. Our trip included door to door transport from our hotel, lunch, a long bus ride in a bus, and a stop at a crafts plaza. This will take up a whole day, but it so worth it. A must do for first time Playa del Carmen visitors."

- 1 July -


"Visited Chichen Itza during our visit to Playa del Carmen. We used chichen Itza Tours for our transportation from hotel to Chichen Itza and back. The ruins are wonderful, but would be helpful if there in more information read rather than relying on local guides. The sad part is hundreds of vendors lining the ruins and trying to sell "authentic" art for any price."

- 15 June -

Pavan J

"We visited this place during our trip to Mexico. It's a nice place with lots of history behind, you can decide how much you want to see, my son is into it knowing things and history so we spent about 2 hours."

- 8 June -

Helen F

"My husband and I really enjoyed walking around the ruins. Chichen Itza is considered one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World. We recommend that anyone who visits Yucatan, makes this a stop on their itinerary. You will not be disappointed!"

- 1 June -


"Interesting place, but since they don't allow you to climb the pyramid anymore, there's really not much to do there except walk around and take pictures. It's worth a visit."