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Chichen Itza Tour from Puerto Morelos

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Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

If you are quoting on other websites, make sure the price includes entry and taxes to Chichén Itzá (Check for hidden fees). WE DO INCLUDE ENTRANCE FEES AND TAXES

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Reserve now pay when you take the excursion Restrictions apply
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Chichen Itza tour from Puerto Morelos

If you are staying in the Puerto Morelos area we have an impressive excursion that takes you to know one of the new modern wonders of the world, Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza tour from Puerto MorelosOur Chichen Itza tour from Puerto Morelos is very easy to take since we have pickup in the vast majority of hotels in the area. If you are in a hotel in the center of Puerto Morelos we have the option of meeting at the Church of San José Obrero which is in the heart of the city check this link

Here is short a video, so you can have a better idea

It is important that when you finish watching the video, comeback here to check the details of the excursion

You can pay the day of the excursion

NO RISK for you, we rely on your honesty
Restrictions apply Click here for more information


If you are in a large all-inclusive hotel, it is very likely that we have the option of picking you up in the comfort of your hotel lobby.

If you are in a condominium or closer to town we have the option of pickup at the 7-Eleven (Convenience Store) that is next to the gas station on the federal highway click here, but do not worry if you have questions send an email and we give you detailed information on how to get to the nearest meeting place.

Entrance fee and taxes to Chichen Itza are included on the price

Chichen Itzá

Our Chichen Itza Tour from Puerto Morelos is the perfect combination of culture and fun, as you visit one of the most spectacular monuments in Mexico. Our means of transport are comfortable and all have air conditioning to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

This place is really amazing, it is wonderful to see how the Mayans used mathematics to create the perfect buildings. I was excited to see this location after so much anticipation, the ruins are amazing and it will be a great place to buy souvenirs.

To get everything out of your visit, you must have a good guide who knows the Mayan culture in detail (included in the price) and can explain the history. The area is quite large, but of course the main buildings are in a reasonably small area.

Chichen Itza tour from Puerto MorelosThere are so many incredible details about the architecture and astronomy that it's easy to miss when you don't have an expert guide. Our favorite was the quetzal bird sounds the temple makes when it echoes. The wonder of Mayan / Toltec architecture is unlike any you have ever seen on earth.

Our Chichen Itza tour from Puerto Morelos lasts approximately 2 hours, we divide the time as follows, some time with a certified guide who will explain the importance of the temples and the Mayan civilization and the rest of the time is to explore the area. Walk through the most interesting places, and take as many photos as possible to have a nice memory of this place.


Our next stop, a wonder of nature, after the sun and heat from walking in Chichen Itza, visiting this cenote and having the opportunity to swim in it, is an experience that you will never forget.

It is easy to reach the cenote, there is plenty of parking space, but in addition to being a beautiful place, it is also a very well organized place. There are bathrooms, changing rooms, and lockers to store your belongings. You are required to shower before entering the cenote, there are lifeguards on duty in this area. You must rent a lifevests if you are going to swim at the cenote.

This is a wonderful cenote. There are platforms about 5 meters from the water where you can jump in. Life jackets are available to rent, and unless you are a strong swimmer, it is advisable to rent one. The water is very refreshing and the location is beautiful.


Chichen Itza tour from Puerto MorelosTry the gastronomic delights of Yucatecan food in this beautiful place. We have options for all palates such as cochinita pibil, chicken, rice, salads, beans, spaghetti, and more.

The restaurant grounds are well maintained, very clean and air-conditioned. The food is good with many selections, we especially reccomend the pork stew, chicken stew and rice. The price of the buffet is included in our tour package, but drinks are not included. While you're eating, some dancers are likely to get on stage and do a couple of dances while balancing bottles and trays on their heads. Overall it will be a very pleasant lunch.


The plaza has many vendors, shaded seating, and is very safe. A good place to sit and people watch or just get out of the sun. Treat yourself to a Mexican street corn or an ice cream and enjoy the scenery. They also have comedians on the weekend, and there are many places to eat and shop surrounding the plaza.

In the afternoon the place really comes alive as all the locals congregate there and there is music a good way to enjoy the local traditions.

Valladolid is a nice and quiet city, and this square is the heart of it. There are nice places to sit and relax, some good bars and restaurants, either in the square or on the roads leading to it. Lovely architecture too, so overall a nice place to spend some of your time in the city.

Why us

As you can see, we are your best option to visit Chichen Itza from Puerto Morelos. We are the most complete and entertaining excursion on the market, do not think twice, send an email, WhatsApp or call, our operators are waiting.


I would like to recommend one of our sections on this website that is dedicated solely and exclusively to topics of interest to people who are looking for how to better enjoy their visit to Chichen Itza. Our blog contains a collaboration of people who have worked in the archaeological zone for years and they know all the possible mistakes that visitors make. We have reports to save as much money as possible, it is just a matter of using common sense and a little research. We cordially invite you to take a minute to check out our information, I assure you that you will not regret it. We answer questions such as;

In addition to these other questions

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  • Chichen Itza private tour
  • Chichen Itza tours from Cozumel
  • Puerto Morelos to Tulum

Other Options

If you are not in Puerto Morelos and somehow came upon or site, do not worry, below we show you the way back to see the other options we have available in the surrounding areas of Puerto Morelos

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The lowest price on the market without affecting the quality of the tour

We at www.chichen-itzatours.com are the direct providers of the excursion, which allows us to provide you with the lowest prices on the market without affecting the quality of the excursion. We assure you that if you find a lower price with the same terms, that we can match the price without any problem.

Only have to complete these conditions

  • Must be the same excursion
  • Must have the same conditions
  • Must be the same currency
  • Difference in price more than $50 pesos
  • Price without taxes
  • For the same period of time (dates)

If you have a large group of people, send us an email, we have promotions in effect all year round and we can make a package that fits your budget.

Don't think about it anymore, call us, send us a message, find us on Facebook, we are here to help you


$70 USD

  • Kids Price $65 USD
  • BEST price on the market
  • Warranty against bad weather
  • Promotions for groups


$1200 MXN

  • Kids Price $1100 MXN
  • Special prices for latins
  • Hablamos español / castellano
  • Excellent service



  • Kids Price $60 EUROS
  • European Standards
  • We speak your language

Meeting Place

If we cannot go to your hotel we will designate the closest possible place

If you are staying in a large hotel there is a 90% chance that we have pickup in the comfort of your hotel lobby. If you are in a small hotel in the downtown area of Puerto Morelos, there is no need to worry. We have pickup at the Church of San José Obrero check this link in the main square of Puerto Morelos.

We will try as hard as possible to pick you up, because one of our main missions is to make everything easier for our clients, do not be left with any doubts, send us an email, our operators are waiting.

If you have doubts about the location of the meeting place, we can send you photos of the place so that you are sure where the meeting place is.

  • The pick-up place is usually the church in downtown Puerto Morelos
  • If you have any doubts about the location of your hotel, call us and we will advise you


Everything you need is included, however, please check this information

We have many years of experience in managing excursions, and that has taught us that we have to be as specific as possible about what is included and what is not.

For our excursion to Chichen Itza from Puerto Morelos, we have included all of the essentials to fully enjoy your visit to Chichen Itzá. However, as with any excursion in any part of the world there will be the opportunity to buy souvenirs, so it is important to bring cash for anything that you may want to purchase.

  • Round-trip air conditioned transportation
  • Professional driver
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Entrance fee to the cenote (lifejackets not included)
  • Free time to swim in the cenote
  • Entrance fees and taxes at Chichen Itza
  • Free time in Chichen Itza (photos)
  • Certified guide inside of Chichen Itza
  • Early departures to take advantage of the entire day
  • Visit the magical town of Valladolid

Not Included

There are certain things that are not included please check this list

Making a list of the things that are not included would be very long and boring. We have included a list of the most common things that we believe are the most important, however, each person is different, with different tastes and needs and therefore it can vary from person to person.

Follow this very simple rule if it is not in the included tab, it is not included, If you have questions please send us an email, we are here to serve you or give you any advice.

  • Drinks at the buffet
  • Breakfast
  • Umbrellas
  • Life vests and lockers at the cenote
  • Water or drinks in the bus
  • In the entrance of Chichen Itza if you bring a professional camera or tripod there is an extra fee
  • Souvenirs
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • It's easy if it’s not on the included list it’s not included

What to bring

We recommend bringing the following

If you are not from this area of Mexico, let me tell you that the humidity and heat in the summer months can be very intense, so it is highly recommended to be prepared with hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and light clothing.

This is a list of the most common things that you should bring, remember this list can vary from person to person. For example, if you are taking any medication, it is essential that you bring it with you. If you are under a very strict diet it is important that you bring the food that you need along with you, do not assume anything. If you have questions send us an email, we are ready to answer all of your questions.

  • Cell phone 100% charged
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Towels
  • Swimming suit and a change of clothes
  • Dress comfortable in light clothing no dark colors
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes or sandals)
  • Sunhats, caps, umbrellas (the bigger the better)
  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Food or snacks for the ride
  • Small blanket in case the bus is cold
  • Sleeping collar
  • Books, or games to play during the ride
  • Small backpack or bag to put your things
  • Patience and a good attitude

Forms of Payment

All payment options available.

We have all options available, some require more time than others, for example payment by PayPal, but the most common is that you pay everything in cash at the moment you are picked up. If you want to pay with a credit card it is important to take into account that there is a small charge for administrative expenses, so it is advisable to pay in cash.

  • Bank deposits (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfer (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Credit card payment (there is a 4-5% bank fee)
  • PayPal (At least 2 days in advance)
  • If you are apprehensive, pay everything in cash at the time of pickup. That way that you have the confidence that the tour will begin (only cash) *** Restrictions apply ***

1.- Will the meeting place always be at my hotel lobby?

For the tour of Chichén Itzá from Puerto Morelos, it depends on the hotel. If you are in a large All Inclusive type hotel, it is very likely that we will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel.

If you are in a hotel in the Puerto Morelos downtown area, the pick-up place would be outside the San José Obrero church Check this link

As you can see, we have the Puerto Morelos area well covered, there is always a meeting place near your place of lodging. If you have any questions please send us an email, we are here to serve you.

2.- If I'm staying in an apartment where would the meeting place be?

It depends if it's in the Puerto Morelos Downtown Area, then it would be San José Obrero church.

3.- Can I choose my pickup time?

Unfortunately not, there are pre-established schedules in each place and the excursion is shared, so we already have pickup commitments with other people in other hotels in the area.

If you want to choose your own departure time, we have the option of Private Chichen at a different price.

4.- What time will you pick me up to start the excursion?

In the Puerto Morelos area, the pickup time is between 06:50 - 07:00 am, depending on the hotel or the meeting place

5.- What type of vehicle is used for the tour?

They can be vans or buses, it all depends on the number of reservations that we have on that particular day, our vans are labeled with the company logo

6.- How will I be able to identify you?

Our uniforms are labeled with the company logo and we will also have your reservation name with the balance to be paid.

7.- Is it guaranteed that you will pick me up?

Yes, absolutely in fact, if you are at all apprehensive you can pay for the tour when they pick you up, you don't have to give any deposit until you see the transportation so that you have the confidence the tour will begin.

8.- If I'm running late will you wait for me?

On certain occasions there is a tolerance of no more than 5 minutes, but it depends if we are on schedule, we recommend that if you are running late, call the customer service number immediately (+52) 987 112 9491. To avoid any problems, we recommend that you be at the meeting place on time to avoid missing the excursion.

9.- If I get to the meeting point and I don’t see anyone what should I do?

We are surely on the way, but due to something out of our control (such as heavy traffic) we have not arrived yet, don't worry. If you have waited for more than 5 minutes please call customer service immediately (+52) 987 112 9491, so we can give you our exact location or tell you approximately how long until we arrive.

1.- Do I have to bring my printed coupon?

No, it is not necessary, the most important thing is that you arrive on time. We have a copy of the receipt and we only have to verify that the balance to be paid is the same.

2.- Can I show my receipt digitally?

Yes, you can show it on your phone or iPad without any problem

3.- What type of clothing should I wear?

Fresh and light-colored clothes remember that in the summer months the heat is intense so be prepared for that.

4.- Is there a place where I can keep my things?

No, we recommend that you bring a small backpack to store your things.

In the cenote there are lockers that you can rent (extra cost) but everyone is responsible for taking care of their own belongings.

5.- What day would you recommend visiting Chichen Itza when there are not a lot of people?

Any day except Sunday, it gets quite crowded

6.- I have a baby can I bring their food?

Yes, without any problem

1.- What is included in my reservation?

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Entrance into Chichen Itza
  • Certified guide who is an expert in Mayan civilization
  • Visit a beautiful cenote (lifejackets not included)
  • Buffet lunch (drinks not included)
  • Visit the magical town of Valladolid

2.- What is included in the cenote?

Only the entrance fee, there are lockers and life jackets for rent. If you are going to swim, you must rent a lifejacket for safety reason.

3.- Are drinks included?

No, there are no drinks included in this tour. We have an option of Chichen de Luxe that has drinks included.

The client has the option of bringing their own bottles of water

4.- Why is the excursion so long?

Because of the distance to Chichen Itza, to be honest it is far, but it is worth it because not every day you get to visit a wonder of the modern world

1.- Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes, we only accept Visa and MasterCard. You have to take into account that there is an increase of 4% if you pay with a credit or debit card that has to be added to the total cost of the excursion.

2.- Can I pay in cash the day of the excursion?

Yes, in fact, it is the most common and recommended way, we accept pesos, dollars or euros

3.- What cards have months without interest?

We do not have months without interest. Payments are in a single payment

4.- What is the cost of an adult ticket?

As of today they are $70 USD per person, we reserve the right to modify our prices without prior notice, please send an email so that we can give you updated prices

5.- What is the cost of a children's ticket?

$65 USD per child from 3 to 10 years old. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice, please contact us so we can give you updated prices.

6.- What promotions do you currently have?

We always have special prices for groups of 7 people or more. Contact us, there are always promotions available all year round

1.- Can small children go on this excursion?

The Chichen Itza excursion from Puerto Morelos is not designed for small children. However, many people bring them, there is no problem on our part.

2.- Someone in my group is in a wheelchair, can they participate?

We can bring them along however, take into consideration that in Chichen Itza does not have paved roads, there are uneven walkways and gravel pathways. It is a bit complicated to use a wheelchair, but if they have enough help there should be no major problems, it is very likely that they will not be able to do the entire route.

3.- I don't know how to swim; can I enter the cenote?

Yes. However, you have to rent a lifejacket, is mandatory

1.- How can I make my reservation?

By phone, by email or by WhatsApp, the reservation process closes when your confirmation receipt of services is sent

2.- Do you send a receipt?

Yes, a confirmation receipt of services with the necessary information for the excursion

3.- What hours are customer service agents available?

If it is urgent, we are available 24 hours a day, if there are questions that can wait the office hours are:

  • Monday-Friday from 07:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 am - 08:00 pm

4.- How much time in advance do I have to place my reservation?

At least until one night before the excursion, we close reservations at 09:00 pm, although ideally it is at least two days in advance

5.- I can't go on the tour; can I give my ticket to someone else?

Yes, just let us know

6.- Can I change what day I take the tour?

Yes, no problem, just let us know as soon as possible to make the corresponding adjustments

7.- I can not attend the tour, can I cancel?

Yes, we understand that there are things out of our control that sometimes prevent you from taking the excursion. We just need you to let us know as soon as possible to give those spaces to other people who want to go on the excursion.

8.- What is the criteria for cancellations and refunds?

If you have a normal reservation there are no penalties for cancellations, it is very rare that we charge in advance, but if that’s the case, your money will be returned in full.

However, if it is a private reservation where transportation had to be set aside or preparation had to be made, the following guidelines apply

  • 100% refund with 24 hour notice
  • No show, no refund

9.- Can I cancel my reservation if it is raining?

Yes, we only ask that you do not get on the transportation and immediately contact our offices at (+52) 987 112 9491 to reschedule or cancel your reservation

10.- How much time in advance do I need to make my reservation?

At least until one night before, the sooner the better to guarantee your space, especially during holidays.


Check out this Itinerary, it is very complete and gives you a clearer idea of the different stops on the excursion to Chichen Itzá from Puerto Morelos

Important: The information listed below is for illustrative data only and may vary for reasons of safety and comfort of our clients, for example.

There may be heavy rain when arriving at Chichen Itza and it is more convenient to do the cenote first because we are going to get wet anyway. So, we can wait until the rain passes and then we can enjoy the archaeological zone.

What we will guarantee is that the times in each of the places will be the same, the only thing that could change is the order of the visit.

The times in each of the places can be modified based on circumstances beyond our control such as very large crowds in Chichen Itza, heavy rain on the road that causes the bus to drive slower, accidents on the road, etc. We will try as hard as possible to fulfill the designated times. We will use all of the knowledge, experiences, contacts and tools that we have at hand to fulfill what is promised.

As you can see, we are an open company and we do not keep any secrets, because we want the people who come with us to be fully informed in order to enjoy Chichen Itza. One thing we want to make sure you understand is that the distance to get to Chichen Itza is far and it will take us approximately 2 hours to get there. The time we invest in getting there will be well rewarded because you will be visiting a wonder of the modern world, as you see the main pyramid, and then you will understand why.

Finally, we want to tell you that if for some reason something about the itinerary does not convince you, please send an email with your doubts or questions and I assure you that we have some combination that suits your tastes and preferences. For example, if you think that two hours in Chichen will not be enough, we have an option in which we visit Chichen Itzá for 3 hours with Chichen Express, if you want to stay longer, we also have private excursions at a super price, this way you have control of all of the times in the places we visit.

  • We will pick you up FROM THE LOBBY OF YOUR HOTEL (Restrictions Apply)

    In 90% of cases, we will pick you up from the comfort of your lodging center, the pickup time is based on the location of your hotel. We already have pre-established routes and we will pick people up at the surrounding hotels.

    If you are in a condominium or at the house of friends or family, do not worry we can designate a nearby place to meet in order to begin the excursion. If you have any questions send us an email.


    Mexican food is very extensive and one of the subdivisions it has is Yucatecan food, try the cochinita pibil, salbutes, panuchos, etc.

    We have something for all tastes, there is also spaghetti, salads, beans, rice, chicken, and much more.

    Remember that the price of the buffet is included in the price of the tour, but drinks are not included and must be paid in cash when you finish eating.

  • Visit Chichen Itza

    The jewel in the crown at last before our eyes, we include the entrance fees to the archaeological zone and a certified guide within it. We will visit the ball court, the castle of Kukulcan, and more.

    We will be in Chichen Itza for approximately 2 hours, believe me it is more than enough time to visit the most important places and take thousands of photos of every corner of this wonderful place.

  • One of the most beautiful cenotes in the region WONDER OF NATURE

    We will visit one of the most spectacular cenotes in the region and will have the opportunity to cool off in the cenotes refreshing waters. We will be at the cenote for about 1 hour, the entrance fee to the cenote is included.

    What is not included are life jackets, if you do not know how to swim and want to enter the cenote it is important to rent one for safety.

  • Visit Valladolid Colonial City

    One of the most picturesque towns in the southeast of Mexico and home to many descendants of the Mayans. Here you will have the opportunity to buy their handicrafts and take photos of a colonial church and a park like in the stories. We recommend trying the marquesitas.

  • Return to PUERTO MORELOS

    After such a long day, we will leave non-stop to your hotel, an excellent time to rest and try to relish once again in the experiences from a few hours ago.

    It should be noted that the transportation will drop you off at the same place where they picked you up.

  • Arriving to PUERTO MORELOS

    The arrival time at your hotel is between 09:00 and 10:00 pm in the Puerto Morelos area


We would like to bring all the people on this tour, however, there are certain restrictions

Anyone who is physically well can take this excursion, there are certain specific types of situations where it is not advisable to take the tour. If you have any questions or doubts, send us an email and we will surely find a solution together.

  • To apply the payment on the day of the excursion it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same transportation
  • Not recommended for those that have circulatory problems, the ride from Puerto Morelos to Chichen Itza is 2-3 hours
  • Be punctual at the designated meeting points, if you are late the entire group has to wait and it creates delays throughout the tour, affecting the rest of the people on the tour.
  • At Chichen Itza there are unpaved areas and gravel roads for this it is not recommended for wheelchairs
  • You need to know how to swim to enter the cenote (we recommend that you use a life vests for security)
  • Not recommended for small children
  • Be well physically and mentally
  • Under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult
  • Have the ability to walk short distances
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb the ruins in Chichen Itza
  • The use of drones and tripods in the archeological zone is not permitted send an email for more information


We only ask you, if you are not going to attend, let us know as soon as possible to avoid wasting time and money.

We do not have penalties for cancellations, we trust the judgment of our clients and the only thing we expect in return is that you let us know at any time of the day or night if for some reason you will not be able to participate in the excursion.

Important: If it is a private reservation, the following conditions apply

  • No penalty for notice 24 hours in advance
  • 50% refund for cancellations with 12 hours notice
  • 100% surcharge for no shows


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15 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- April -


"The ruins were amazing! Everything was wonderful except all of the vendors. I wish they only had allow 10% of what was there. You couldn't get them off of you! To truly understand what you are seeing, I would honestly have a tour guide. Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered so many questions."

- April -


"Great history with the guide and examples shown of how they used a lot of technology and study of the Moon, Sun and stars to build these temples."

- March -


"visiting the place is a very nice experience as it is a very beautiful place to see one of the 7 wonders of the world, the culture, the constructions and the temples are amazing as they are detailed a long time ago, the entrance is spectacular, the guide very attentive and I recommend it very much if you like the mayan culture and the ancient constrictions."

- March -


"In short , this experience was well worth the travel . The highlight is the pyramid of course but the temple & ball arena were amazing as well. The experience is what you make it:"

- March -


"Today I accomplished something that was on my bucket list by visiting Chichen Itza. I scheduled the trip with Chichen-Itza Tours. The tour guide's name was Fabian. HE WAS GREAT!!!! Not only did he give us a history lesson on the Mayan Culture, but he also had a great personality which made it easier to assimilate the information he shared with us. When I come back here to Mexico I will definitely go with Chichen Itza Tours and personally ask for Fabian to guide the tour."

- March -


"Overall great to see and we had a great guide who provided lots of information. It takes about 2 hours maximum there. I don't think tourists would ever want to go back a second time, but if you are in the area it was worth the visit. Interestingly, there will apparently be more layers of buildings excavated in the coming years."

- March -


"There are several things to see and you can easily spend all day here. Aside from the main pyramid there are several smaller structures including an observatory and cenote. The main pyramid of Chichen Itza is the Temple of Kukulcan and is approximately 1000 years old. It served as a way of worshipping the Mayan serpent god Kukulcan which is the reason for many images of serpents throughout the structure. Although it's no longer accessible to climb as of 2006 it's still incredible to see from the ground level."